Kimmy Tang's Asian-Fusion Lenten Cuisine


During the months of Lent, many make sacrifices of food, drink, social media, and even ways of thinking in order to draw closer to God in prayer and faith. Professional chef Kimmy Tang knows firsthand the sacrifices for Christians during this time, herself a born-again Christian of the Eastern Orthodox Church. She uses her longtime cooking background to craft Asian-fusion recipes for Lent in Kimmy Tang's Asian-Fusion Lenten Cuisine. Within the pages of her cookbook are delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes: ranging from salad recipes to quinoa recipes to tofu recipes and dessert recipes. Kimmy also discusses being inspired by the story about Saint Euphrosynus and his cooking journey to Paradise. These healthy living recipes are easy recipes to make while remaining centered in God's truths with prayers during meals and scripture references to recall and embrace.

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